According to the 2001 census figures, Hyderabad had a population of 2.17 million, growing at a decadal rate of 17.18 %. However it is widely recognised that a 2007 estimate of the population, of the greater metropolitan area, to more likely to be 6.1 million.

The district of Hyderabad is spread over 217 sq. km while the metropolitan area covers more than 700 sq. km. As per the 1991 census, the entire district was urbanized with a male to female ratio of 1:94 and a literacy rate of 79.04%.

The population of Hyderabad comprises mainly of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Along with the official language, Telugu, the other most common languages spoken by many are Hindu and Urdu. The main language of business is English. There are also a significant number of people from tribal areas who speak a language that is quite similar to Roma, the language spoken by the gypsies of Europe. The local name given to these people is Banjaras, which is actually a loose translation of the word gypsies.