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FabCity gets 3,600 Google searches. Every month.

When you add Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Ask, you get even more FabCity searches each and every month!

The phrase FabCity is a highly competitive phrase on Google, we can see this if we look at the cost of purchasing the number one paid ad on Google search for the phrase FabCity – it would cost US$1.29 per click (CPC).

If you were to multiply 3600 searches x $1.29/click it would cost an advertiser US$4644 (224,000 INR) per month!

As you can see from the Google Adwords screenshot below, even Google acknowledges that competition for this search phrase is High.


So imagine if you owned the website… how great would it be to get a slice of those searches and their associated business?

Here’s a quick summary of why is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to capitalise on FabCity online searches. It’s a ready-to-go website optimised for your market:

  1. You get the domain made up of the keyword phrase  – – you will own this and it will help you own the own market for FabCity searches.
  2. You get a flexible professional looking website that you can edit yourself. Built on WordPress and live on the internet – right now! No back and forth with with web design companies.
  3. Immediate entry into an affluent, high-end market.
  4. You get a Search Engine Optimized website. With optimised titles and descriptions, Sitemap.xml, Google Webmaster and Gmail account.
  5. Google Analytics already installed.

This is a READY-TO-GO website.

Own the market

A successful online marketing strategy, to own your online market, is to have multiple websites, optimized in different ways, that all send you business. is the perfect supplementary website, just add your contact details and tweak the content and your business can have yet another site on the internet sending you business.

Whether this will be your primary website or a supplement website you can’t go wrong – most of the work has already been done!

This is a READY-TO-GO website.



150,000 INR

What you get

  1. The website “as is”, based on the WordPress platform you will get all files and database — so you can install it to your web host and update it as needed.
  2. The domain

Legal Terms

The domain name and content is being sold “as is”, without any warranties either express or implied.   The sale is final and due to the nature of the transaction cannot be returned or refunded. The sale does not include installation, support, content maintainance, or web hosting.

The transfer will go through an Escrow service to protect both buyer and seller.  The Escrow fee is included.  The domain will be transferred from seller’s (the registrar) account to buyer’s account (if you don’t have one you will need to create one – an account is free to create).

Buyer must transfer funds within 5 days of acceptance of the offer.  If 5 days pass and the funds have not been added, confirmed we reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

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If you want to buy this website or have any questions please send us an email.

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